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        Those ugly black streaks are caused by a roof eating plant called Gleocapsa Magma Algae. This algae feeds off the limestone filler in your shingles, left untreated this algae will continue to grow and destroy your roof.  This type of algae is spread by becoming airborne or by small animals (birds,squirrels).
Previously, Roof replacement was the only option, now Safe & Gentle cleaning can save you time, hassle and the inconvience associated with Re-Roofing, Plus cost much less than a typical re-roof.  Toledo Roof Cleaning is a certified NON-PRESSURE roof cleaner. We are certified through the American Roof Cleaning Institute Of America.  We are also a member of the American Roof Cleaning Association.    

     We have noticed that homes with untreated Black Stains also have some form of moss and lichen. The problem moss causes is that it Moss absorbs and holds water,  creating the perfect conditions for other types of algae and mold. As this moss grows on your roof it lifts the shingles causing water to get under the Shingles. 
Roof Stains